Thursday, July 13, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

33 today! Happy Birthday to Me!
What better way to celebrate than everyone allowing me to win tonight!

I apologise for not updating my blog in the last week, I have really busy and not had much time for poker.

I managed 13th in the 15k on Friday and another cash finish on Tuesday, which were the only two days I played the tournament this week.

I failed miserably in the world series qualifier on Sunday, someone was telling me repeatedly that they had me beat, but I refused to believe them!

It is last chance saloon this week. 5 games on Saturday and 1 on Sunday, you will find me in all of them! I am sure the amount of games I have played I could have bought a seat twice over! What the hell, I am winning one this weekend! So it does not matter!

Its two weeks until Vegas, I cannot wait. I will be on-line whilst I am there, so I will be updating regularly. Please login and follow the progress.

I have been thinking how to make my blog different to being just another poker blog and have been trying to think about how I can improve it.

The site I am playing on is Littlewoods, who used Cryptologic and on this site we have some fantastic players. So why don't we meet them?

I have decided to have a feature on the best players from the site. We can also look to have a vote to see who everyone thinks is the best. Maybe we can run a tournament to actually find out. (Proposals to Crypto are in!)

Right I am off to find some players to interview, if you want to appear on my blog, let me know. Or if you have a top 5 players on the site, lets hear from you and I will get on to them about appearing.

Right time to raise a glass, Happy Birthday Me and Good Luck to one and all

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Leonarch said...

Happy Birthday Clinton and i really hope you get the seat (that you have paid for twice over lol)!

As for your blogs in Vegas?
Please keep them up to date, we all love reading them.
I wish you all the best of luck out there (even if u don't like picking the phone up lol).