Monday, July 31, 2006

WSOP Live Update!

Its 3 levels in and six hours of poker later and am sitting with just over 7k in chips.

A fairly uneventful level 1 saw me end up on 9600, I had QQ under the gun fairly early but no-one was interested.

Level 2 I made some nice progress moving up to near 12000, without much in the way of hands, I had KK under the gun but everyone folded. My main earner was hitting a set of 6s.

Level 3 was a disaster, but I am pleased to still be in the tournament. I entered a raised pot with 88 and saw a flop of Q83. I was checked raised by seat two, who had already had Aces 3 times and Kings twice, I called the raise, but got out after a bet on the turn. They turned over pocket queens and I was very relieved.

I moved tables and soon found AQ, I raised the chip leader in the big blind, who called the raise. He bet the AT4 flop and I called. The turn was a Q leaving a flush draw and possible straight. I moved in with a bet of 3/4 the pot to which he immediately went all in. I was left for a decision for my tournament and I threw them away, he showed me pocket tens and again a good decision was made.

I am probably playing a little too tight, but I have only had two aces in 6 hours and one KK and one QQ, so I know I am due some hands.

The blinds have just gone to 100/200 with an ante of 25.
I will maintain a fairly tight approach to level 4 and see what happens, if I have not made any significant progress at this point, it will be time to step my game and see what happens.

Anyway wish me luck, I am going back in!

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