Sunday, July 16, 2006

Introducing 007apr!

The first of my interviews is with Crypto Legend 007apr
Winner of two WSOP 2006 seats and recently the High Roller tournament here he is!

1) Crypto Name - 007apr
2) Site Playing on - Littlewoods
3) Real Name - Andy Reynolds
4) Age - 36
5) How would you describe your playing style - Various
6) What is your profession- Professional Poker Player
7) How long have you been playing Poker - 3 years
8) How did you get started in this great game - A friend got me started
9) What is your claim to fame in Poker - None as yet, but was 22nd in the Caribbean Poker Classic 2005
10) Favourite Poker Moment - The CPC
11) What are you ambitions in Poker - To Keep Winning
12) Where are we most likely to find you - Playing Sixpacs
13) What is your favourite move - Overbet a monster after flop to induce call or re-raise, if re-raised just flat call then check, 100% you get all his chips then.
14) How do we beat you - LOL!
15) Do you prefer to play live or online - Online
16) AK or QQ - QQ - ladies love 007 :)
17) What would be your most feared final table on Crypto- LOL
17b) Well who in your opinion are the sites best players - madturk1, jet70, NightmarE, babitiger
18) One lesson that you would give to new players - Patience
19) Which tournament would you most like to play in - CPC
20) What is the one thing you would improve about crypto - Allow observer chat
21) Anything else you want to tell us - We are all Worms, but i do believe that i am a glow-worm

Um, thanks for that!

So there you have it that is 007apr, if you have any further questions for Andy, please let me know!



Anonymous said...

Mr 007apr, you qualify for more finals than any other player i have seen.

What do you do that is different?

Anonymous said...

He collude with his friends