Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Introducing Menace

One of the most underrated players on the site.
Please meet Mr Kai from Norway - he is near LEGEND status.

1) Crypto Alias - Menace
2) Site you play on - LittleWoods
3) Real Name - Kai Nesbakken
4) Age - 34
5) Playing Style - Tight
6) Profession - Software developer
7) How long have you been playing poker - Online for about a year now
8) What got you started - You!
9) What is your Poker claim to fame - None so far, I'm afraid. Working on that
10) Favourite Poker Moment - Must be whenever I finish a tournament ahead of
ClintonO. I'm pretty sure it has happened once or twice
11) What are your Poker Ambitions - For the time being I'm just playing for fun,
but some day it would be nice to play this game for a living. Seems like the
perfect life for a lazy b... like myself.
12) Where are we most likely to find you - At home playing smallish STT's and
the occational MTT
13) What is your favourite move - Reaching across the table to collect my
opponent's chips
14)How do we beat you - Confuse me. Some days that's very easy, some days it's
15)LiveLive or Online - Online. My kind of live tournaments tends to involve
way to many beers... lol
16)AK or QQ - QQ
17)What would be your most feared final table on Crypto - I don't really know
that many players, but ClintonO will be on it. Also very impressed with
ThierryH, a great player who will get even better
18)One lesson you would give to new players - Do your homework. Don't play a
whole bunch of freerolls if you're planning to learn poker. Do some reading,
watch the good players and pay to play. You'll have to pay to get
information in this game, so you'd better get used to it. Doing your
homework will reduce the cost, though.
19) Which tournament would you most like to play in - WSOP
20) What is the one thing you would improve about Crypto - It's getting better,
but I still miss the player search
21) Anything else you want to tell us - Be lucky. Just not when you're up
against me.

Thanks Kai


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