Monday, July 31, 2006

The Dream is over!

I am not destined to do well in this event and I am even more gutted than last year.

With only two premium pairs and four aces in the entire eight hours, I had to work really hard.

I reraised a limp and raise with KQ and both folded and stole two blinds in the first 30 mins and moved up to 9.5k.

The next hour proved uneventful and my stack had dwindled slightly to 8750.

Then with twenty minutes to go in level 4, I get dealt pocket 8s in mid position. I raise to 700 (blinds 100/200 and antes 25 (250)). The big blind calls. Flop 986, my second set of eights of the day. Big Blind checks and I bet at the pot. I bet another 700 and he moves all in for his last 4000. I have to call. He turns over 77. The turn is a T and river a 4. Sick!

On the last hand of level 4 on the BB I have AK hearts. Only my fourth ace in 8 hours, 4 limpers means my move has to be all in. The Chip leader with 35k calls with KQ. Cards 4h2h7cQs6d. I thought for a brief second the red six was a heart but alas it was not to be.

Could I have played any better - I don't think so. I did not get the cards, I laid down two big hands when it was right to do so. I lost two hands when a big favourite.

I really enjoyed the experience, I feel I have improved so much since last year, but you have to have luck at this game and as usual it deserted me.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey so far, it has really been appreciated. I vow to improve and continue playing, but right now I need a drink.

A couple of people have asked me about the seat and how I qualified for the event, the answer is with a bit of help from the guys at Littlewoods. They have helped me so much with my poker career to date and I am extremely grateful to them for that.

Cheers all


Leonarch said...

Wow Clinton m8, U sound so down hearted!!
Don't be m8, u done so much better than most of us who didn't even get out there, u made it exciting for us too as we were rooting for u m8, as 4 the donut that moved allin with his 77... What can u do?
9 times out of ten u get paid!
Enjoy the rest of ur time out there m8 and stay away from the brazen hussies, get drunk every night and get home safe, so we can qualify for the CPC (that'll be much better as we take over the Island).

Leon and the rest of the Clinton Blog fans.

dumbsmuck said...

Unlucky mate, you did play well and made laydowns many people wouldn't be able to make. Raise your aggression level, go on and win one of the other events and bring back a bracelet!