Monday, July 31, 2006

Thanks for all the support

Cheers to all the well wishers and messages of support I have had since going out of the main event.

You will be pleased to know that I did not mope around and instead went out to the bluff magazine party and partied the night away!

I will continue to keep a record of my events out here and will update you all on events that are going on. I intend to play a few more events.

On reflection yesterday, I could not have played any better, so I have to take comfort in the fact that it was just not my day.

Favourite moment of the day for me was that there were people complaining about the all-in chip and then on the next hand a relatively short stacked guy (but he had lots of $25 chips) pushed all his chips into the middle and they went everywhere, nobody knew how many chips he had. Then they tried to sort out the mess and it took them nearly 20 mins! Very amusing!

One thing I noticed yesterday, was just how many people limp in with hands such as AK and QQ.
Also one guy limped in with Aces after three people had already limped in. There is generally a lot of differences. Any checked flop is treated with caution and only once in 8 hours, did it fold around to the big blind!

Right I am off to lunch with poker pro Tony Chessa and I will keep updating the blog!



Macaroon said...

Very hard luck, mate. But you obviously played well, and could have done no more . You should be very satisfied, and not lose any sleep over it.

I wonder whether the difference between live and online is down to the fact that online seems to produce so many big hands - to speed the game up, in my opinion. It's not representative of live poker, I am sure. When I played live at Vegas I, also, had hardly any hands worth betting on.

Anyway, well done. The rest of the fortnight will be fun, I am sure.


Macaroon said...

Trying to post a comment but it hasn;t appeared, Clinton. Looks like you played well, sp you should be very satisfied. Am rooting for you rest of the fortnight.