Monday, July 17, 2006

Introducing Noseyboy

Ladies and Gents,
We have a real treat here, one of the sites top players - Mr Noseyboy.

1) Crypto Alias - Noseyboy
2) Site you play on - Sunpoker
3) Real Name Matt Osborne
4) Age - 32
5) Playing Style - selectively aggresive
6) Profession - sparky / poker
7) How long have you been playing poker - 4 years
8) What got you started - TV on Late night poker
9) What is your Poker claim to fame - Qualified for last 2 CPCs (11th in 2004), paid off mortgage with 2nd place in 1/2 million mtt on Crypto $45k, & sponsored by Sunpoker

10) Favourite Poker Moment - Knocking out phil laak in $500 mtt in CPC 2005, & going on to win, after crashing out of main event on day1 with pocket 10s v pocket 9s..board was 789 6 8..ill never forget the see-saw hand.

11) What are your Poker Ambitions - To play proffesionally making enough to live on, eventually moving to vegas.

12) Where are we most likely to find you - In front of my two 24" screens at home in essex.
13) What is your favourite move - fearless all in stealing... (silly question to ask me) or check raising all in on a big draw. (Someone will explain the theory of small pot poker to me oneday, so far ive yet to use it...!!)

14) How do we beat you - Play back at me if you get the chance or wait for a big hand and catch me on a steal...

15) Live or Online - Online for profits.. live for enjoyment
16) AK or QQ - QQ all day long
17) What would be your most feared final table on Crypto - I think fear only comes when your afraid to lose and im now numb to that pain so i wouldnt say i fear any particualar players, although knowing over 1000 players were watching the H/up of the 1/2 million i should have feared reraising all in with q3 os in the 2nd hand for 2 million chips... but i didnt.

17b) Come on whose your top 5 players? Sooo hard to pick out of the 1000s of players.. but heres Noseyboys MTT Internet top 5 and im not even going to be big headed and include myself despite the 6 x 15k wins and the 1/2 million 2nd... although surelt i should be in there somewhere.. ;)
1. ThierryH (not only a solid player but very lucky to.. deadly combination)
2. Azimut (solid player..very hard to beat)
3. $Mate1 (Mtt satellite king..)
4. KingHawko (solid player, hard to knock off his perch)
5. Dubai (usually turns it up for the big events)

18) One lesson you would give to new players - Learn to play cash tables as soon as possible as this is where you make money (for me this is limit cash mainly 10/20 and 20/40) and a rakeback deal is an absolute must, as this will save you thousands over the course of a year.
Tournaments are ok for fun and the occasional big win but very hard to make constant money & become frustrating on bad runs (for instance last year i made the FT of the 15k 6 nights in a row cashing £7k+. The next month i didnt cash in the top 30 once and bust £1500 on entry fees.

19) Which tournament would you most like to play in - The whole WSOP festival one year when i can fund a 2 month stay in vegas

20) What is the one thing you would improve about Crypto - Improve their marketing to bring more players in on cash tables and increase prize pools in tournaments. On the scale of things they are a small fish in a very big sea and seem to make little effort to grow in size and i think this is one of their downfalls. Minor improvements to sites could include rebuy torurnaments, and those that use Ecash find an alternative accounting company (chocolate fireguards come to mind).....

21) Anything else you want to tell us - I have a moto that has served me well overall and it is " Never be afraid to lose to win" & finally about my new site worth a look for that rakeback deal.
"If you cant be good be lucky".. see you all at the tables.

Thank you kind sir! And you managed to plug your site as well!


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