Saturday, July 29, 2006

Useful Live Experience

I finished 24th in a field of 125 last night in the $200 event, when my Two pair lost to a straight. QT vs AJ.
It was a good experience and I felt very comfortable at the table that I was playing on. I never hit any cards in the 3 and a half hours I played, I hit a pair of 7s and AQ, but that was my lot.

Starting with 1000 chips, I never really got a stack of chips together, I reached 1800, but was a low stack through most the tournament. Prizes were top 18, but it was playing live again that I needed to do and will have helped me more than a money finish.

In the meantime the main event is going crazy, they played 15 +hours on Day1, getting down to 782 players. However, people are still being allowed to register and they were running qualifiers all night. I think they are trying to get to 10000 people. I think getting through day 1 has just got even tougher, it was 2000 down to 800, by my day, it could well me 2500 or even higher down to 800.

It is a much needed rest day for me today, before the main event.
I have to say, I am feeling a lot more confident about my game from playing last night, although some people, should not be allowed to play the game.

One guy on my table last night, lasted 4 hands, calling off his last 500 chips after all cards were dealt with just queen high!
I also had the guy next to me who folded with an open ended straight draw after the turn when he had just 125 with 1500 in the pot. He said he would only go out of the tournament on a real hand! (He went out next hand with JJ to K8 - so I guess he got his wish!)

Have a good day!

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