Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Introducing Animal

I met Animal in St.Kitts where he took the place by a storm. A nice cash finish in the main event and qualifying with me to represent Littlewoods in the Crypto Team Challenge.

He has since played the EPT in Deauville and can be considered a little bit useful!

Mr Animal!

When will we see a "Introducing ClintonO" post , i know youve probably answered half of it in your blog already but surely there are other requests for you to answer the same questions in a summary :))

1) Animal
2) Littlewoods/Betfair mainly + various others
3) Robert "Animal" Price :)
4) 29
5) Very Variable
6) Professional Poker Player
7) Since Feb 2004
8) Always been a gambler and mate suggested i should give it a go, 3 months later on after worrying it could become another bad addiction i downloaded and the journey began
9) I guess im best known for finishing 13th/252 in the 2005 Carribean Poker Classic
10) No doubts here. Finishing 5th/1727 in the Oct 2005 million $ guaranteed on Party on a Saturday night. Had subbed for $70 and received my highest payout of $51,810. Also the night before i had won my seat to the CPC but was being investigated for possible collusion so when i played the Party game my head was all over the place. Crypto agreed their software was to blame for the CPC satellite and on the monday or tuesday after a surreal weekend i had a place at the CPC confirmed.
11) To carry on making ample money to avoid going back to an office job. To get deep into another big live event. Sponsorship at some point would be nice if i can get some proven results. To lose some of the 1 stone ive put on in the year ive been full time in poker. :((
12) Crypto 10k , 15k or similar.
13) Lately i seem to like a resteal with crap (wont be surprised if i go out of the WSOP on one of these !)
14) Getting lucky or big cards usually.
15) Online
16) QQ always go with the stats favourite
17) Sorry but i'll cop out of this one, if i make the final table i always believe i will win so try to never fear any player at the table.
18) Only play premium cards at 10 handed tables and only play at a stake you can afford to lose but also one that the money means something to you.
19) The WSOP main event but if you ask me again in 3 weeks this will probably change
20) One thing, there are several things :). I guess at the moment it would be the observer chat, everyone wants it back but crypto dont seem to like listening to their customers.
21) Catch me at my blog http://pokeranimal.blogspot.com/ . Apologies for any swearing i haven't held back lately on the rough beats.
22) To make the cash if i play my "A" game
23) That would be telling :) I actually have several but i will only decide how im playing when i see how everyone else plays at my table.
Would be nice to not draw day 1A (as i'll be tired) and i would like a table that doesnt split all day so i really get to know other players habits.

Thanks Robert!
I will see you at the airport!


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Anonymous said...

Why are you called Animal?