Friday, June 16, 2006

June Update

I have been neglecting my blog, due to the World Cup!
I have decided to change this with immediate effect!

So how has June gone so far.

Objective 1) World Series seat. This situation is getting particulary desperate now. The diary for June/July is so full that I don't know how many more chances I will get before I leave for Vegas.
I have made two finals this month and have finished 4th and 6th, just short of where I needed to be.
I won the LOQ daily again last night for a place in the LOQ final on Saturday. I am also determined to play in the World Series final on Sunday, as it is a year to the day that this whole crazy adventure began, when I won my World Series seat last year. That will be four finals this month, which is just one behind my target with a week to go.

2) 50k - Make the money. Two attempts so far and no money finishes. I have been fortunate to qualify for this £120 tournament at a cost of no more than £12 so far.
Last weekend I lost to a one outer on the river, which was kind of a setback!
Holding QQ on a 2Q77 board, I was feeling quite confident. I get two all ins before me, one holding AA the other AK and the nut flush.
It is an absolute monster pot, only one card will destroy me the Ace of Clubs. No guesses required as to what the last card was then! That hurt!

3) £2k profit. I have made steady progress this month, but I have not yet committed any winnings to the official profit column as I have put some aside for more tournaments later in the month. I am certain it will be an 11th consecutive month of profit, but I am not certain about the £2k target.

4) Sharkscope - +$1k. Good progress has been made on this objective. My current stats show +$522, so I am half way to reaching my target. I have switched between 10 seaters and 6 seaters this month. I am clearly better at 10 seaters but it is finding the time to play them, that stops me playing more.
An interesting stat for me is my record in the more expensive games. Generally the more expensive the better the result! My ROI on £50 games is in excess of 50%, whereas at the £20,£30 level is only break even. My conclusion is that at the higher level there are better players and therefore at the lower levels, the players just don't understand what they are doing and that is how they are beating me! LOL! What do I know!

5) Final Table of the £15k. I have only played this tournament six times this month and I have had two top twenty finishes but not the final table. I would like to win this tournament again!

6) Bad Beat - Despite my teams poor performances, I have slipped to 3rd place. My team are fantastic and in any other competition, they will win. We are jinxed in this one!

7) WSOP Tour on Bad Beat - Two weeks down, not doing brilliantly! The first week got cancelled and week two I hit a set of 8's on an 893 flop but lost to a set of 9's. Don't mention losing with AT on an ATT flop to KK either.

Good Luck All

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