Thursday, June 08, 2006


I am pleased to say, I am definitely on the road to recovery. Four tournaments last night and I did well in 3.

First up was the Littlewoods Player Points, with 30 in the field. It is another winner takes all competition, with the winner taking a seat in the WSOP 10 stt on the 18th June. I worked my way up to chip leader with 6 left after entering the final table in 10th place. By the time I had got to heads up, I had fallen a little behind, but within 6k of the other guy.
Gradually I worked my way up to go in front and felt comfortable that I would win.
However disaster strikes!

At this point my 3 other tournaments had started, I get AA in the big blind in the 15k and am about to call an all in raise by a short stacked, when my screen changes and I call an all in raise in the Littlewoods tournament with Q8! Not suprisingly I lost and it was game over.

I had previoulsy warned myself about playing mutltiple games - Will have to learn the hard way.

In the 15k, I finished 18th out of 267 (£150). Here I was happy with another money finish.

The big dissapointment was the Highrollers six pac final. I won a seat in this £300 tournament the day before. Top 3 got paid, 3rd alone was worth £1.6k, you guessed it I was 4th!

This tournament really could have been my 4th big cash tournament win. We were down to four players and I had 4 key hands over a 20 minute period.

1) I call a 4xBB raise with KT hearts in the BB for 1600 (I have about 14k). Flop comes down 477 with two hearts. I bet the pot 3200, the other guy who has almost the same amount of chips, reraises to 6400. I decide to call. Leaving me with 6k. The turn is a Ten and I push all in. He calls me with 9T. The river is an ace and we split the pot.

2) The guy in fourth is getting short, I have 99 in the small blind, push all in and am called with AQ and he hits.

3) I am not involved with this hand, I folded UTG, on the button the small blind pushes his remaining 3.2k into the middle. The small blind calls, the Big Blind goes all in for 20k. Short Stack turns over KQ spades, BB Aces. Surely now I am in the money. Flop has an ace and one spade, but runner runner spades, save the short stack.

4) I am the short stack and reraise the aggressive previous short stack all in with pocket 4s. He calls for 90% of his chips with AT. The flop is 567, turn a 7. The river yes it was an ace!

Out in 4th, £0! Good experience, but ultimately bubbled again! So so close - Robbed in fact!

It could have been a fantastic night, but I am pleased that I have so quickly recovered from my low of Sunday and look forward to the Dream Team game tonight, as well as the LOQ final on Saturday.

At this point I would like to say hello to Kai, who logs in most nights to watch me play from his home in Norway. Thanks for your support mate! Also his game is improving no end, so watch out for Menace at the tables!

With the World cup starting I am going to have a little going at some predictions each day, to see if I have any luck in this area. Please see the link across for my daily tips. Please feel free to share yours.

See you on the tables tonight

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