Wednesday, June 07, 2006

How to use a blog!

Well there I was wondering if anyone ever read my blog, as I never got any comments.

Well I won't if I don't set it up properly!! I stumbled across a page today with 17 comments waiting to published!! So now that I have found it, they will be published.

Thanks for the feedback, it is great to hear everyone's view. Keep them coming. I really appreciate it.
For those who have commented on mistakes I have made in their opinion, then that is great as it helps me to see things from a different perspective. I have only been playing for a year and learning so much - so thank you! The odd nice comment is also welcome!

Some interesting comments about my friend Tony Chessa. Seems like you have got some convincing to do sir!!

On the tables I have to say that Leonarch is in the form of his life at the moment, keep it up mate. Also Sun_Deshi, two top three finishes in the £15k in the last week, fantastic stuff.

Well after my resigination from the game on Sunday, I did make a brief appearance on Monday. Finishing 16th in the $6k guaranteed, ran into AK when getting short stacked. It however was a cash finish, which always helps with confidence.

Reinvigorated I took to the tables again last night. I played in four tournaments.
One was the $6k, in which I made a great recovery from being almost out, but reraised all in with KK and got called by A6 and both an Ace and a six appeared!

I played the £10k and whilst I never really managed to get going, I still finished in 35th place (£35) going out with KJ to A8 - nobody hit anything.

Two other games were more encouring - I played the six pack highroller qualifier for a place in the £300 final tonight and am happy to say I won one of the two seats available. This was a really enjoyable game, where I was first or second chip leader for most of the tournament.

The other one I played was the 36 runner LOQ qualifier for a place in Saturday's final, with one place available. I won this competition for 3rd time in 5 appearances! This time though with more people than I had played against previously.
This was an enjoyable win, as the players who play in this tournament each night are of a great quality. When it was down to three, I knocked out Brandon_99 a good friend on the tables and an excellent player. He did not approve of my calling his KQ all in with Ace rag!
However this was his umpteenth all in move, since taking a nasty bad beat on the river against 'claw' and sometimes we have to make a stand. Sorry buddy.

The heads up was a very close affair throughout, we started almost equal, I was about 29k to 25k in front. We changed leaderships many times, before my JT beat his Q8. With the flop bringing a ten and an eight.

This has presented me with another Vegas qualifying situation on Saturday. I am not even daring to think about winning my seat, but that won't stop me from trying!

See you all soon
Keep the comments coming

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