Friday, June 09, 2006

Why do I slow play!

You have the hand, why give a free card!
39 left in the £15k KK on a queen high flop and I check. The inevitable A appears and I go out to A3! Idiot!!

Still a great lesson learnt. However it has been a good day. Before this huge error!! (okay we all make mistakes!) I had played in 4 mtts and made the final table in all of them!

3 £2ks and the £4k guaranteed! 6th in the £4k and 3rd, 7th and 8th in the others. About £500 in total. (Still annoyed about £15k!)

I tried to play some more Stts today, but failed drastically! All were six seaters and I was placed in only one of six. I played a £50 stt ten seater and won that, so as much as six seaters are quick and fun, they are simply not productive, time to give them up and concentrate on Mtts and ten seaters.
If you see me in a six seater that is not a MTT or a qualifier, have a word with me!

Its the LOQ final tomorrow, I just hope there will be enough entrants for a World Series place, although I am doubtful because of the World Cup.

See you there

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