Thursday, June 01, 2006

May Review

May has been a good month, my game has improved and at I times I have played some quality poker.
On occasions I have played too aggressively and on others too passively. It is about striking the right balance and being able to change gears dependant on the situation.
There is also much to be said about not playing when tired or distracted or playing too many games at once.
There is no point sitting down at a MTT if you are not prepared to see it through to the end. Also when you are playing too many games, you can only play the cards not the table, which severely limits your potential.

So how did I do versus my monthly objectives.

1) Secure World Series Seat - FAIL - I surpassed my target of reaching 5 of the 10 available WSOP finals by reaching 6 finals. I also reached four final tables, but did not get the job done. I have however bought my flight to Vegas from the months winnings and have my hotel sorted at the Rio. So effectively I am two thirds of the way there! Just the seat to go then.

2) Money finish in the £50k - FAIL - I was only able to play in three tournaments this month, but did not achieve my objective. This is an important target going forward, as I have never reached the final table in this event.

3) Final Table finish in the £15k - PASSED x2 - I achieved this twice, with a 6th and 10th place finish. Well Played me!!!

4) Make a monthly profit - PASSED - This month I secured £1800 in profit, much more than I anticipated and I am very pleased with the result. I did not expect this as my main aim was for the WSOP, so this is a very good result. Taking earnings since August up to the £20k mark.

5) Profitable Sharkscope stats - PASSED -I started the month $450 in negative and finished $20 in the positive. Another objective passed.

6) Dream Team final table - ONGOING - After 3 weeks of the tournament, our team (which contains some fantastic players) are currently languishing in 19th out of 32. On a personal level I am quite happy as I have been our best performer for 2 of the 3 weeks, I also have accumulated the 2nd most points of the team.

7) Bet Direct $250k money finish - FAILED - Played badly and ran into trouble.

8) Arsenal winning the Champions League - FAILED! - Well I did my bit, I got to Paris and watched the game, but it was not to be.

I am happy with this months achievements and feel I am on the verge of something. There is a real trade off between making money and trying to qualify for the WSOP and I am yet to work out the best plan of action.

I am happy to go to Vegas and play in some of the World Series events, but there is nothing like the main event itself. I would also like to prove that I can make some substantial money at this game.
I also find it difficult to play all the games I want to play!

My weekly schedule for June looks like this!

Littlewoods games are 7.30pm weeks 1&3 and 10.30pm weeks 2&4
Mon 7.30pm - LW PP, 8pm - 15k, 9pm - WSOP $25, 10.15 pm - LOQ $15
Tue 7.30pm - LW PP, 8pm - 15k, 9pm - WSOP $25, 9 pm - LOQ $75 10.15 pm - LOQ $15
Wed 7.30pm - LW PP, 7.30pm - Bad Beat Tour, 8pm - 15k, 9pm - WSOP $25, 9.45 pm - WSOP $140 10.15 pm - LOQ $15
Thurs 7.30pm - LW PP, 7.30pm - Dream Team Event, 8pm - 15k, 9pm - WSOP $25, 10.15 pm - LOQ $15
Fri 7.30pm - LW PP, 8pm - 15k, 9pm - WSOP $25, 9 pm - LOQ $75 10.15 pm - LOQ $15
Sat 8pm - 15k, 9pm - LOQ final 9pm - WSOP $25, 9.45 pm - WSOP $140
Sun 6pm - World Series Final, 8pm - £50k.

When you put this alongside earning player points, playing qualifiers, the occasional 10k or $6k game plus single table events, it amounts to over 30 hours per week, often on multiple tables!
No wonder I am struggling to keep a balance between making money and qualifying.

I think this month some of the MTT's might take a back seat, in order to play more STT and WSOP qualifiers.

I will post my objectives shortly
All the best

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Anonymous said...

Wow Clinton m8...I got tired just looking at ur schedule lol.
But i wish you all the luck friend, and god knows u deserve a seat!