Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Final Table Blues

A solid performance in the 15k tonight. I was winning the tournament right the way from 200 people to the last 20! However it all went wrong and I finished 10th (£250).

Positives played some great stuff tonight, did not really put a foot wrong.
Negatives not making more money, but made the right decisions.

3 key pots on the night.
1st - Sitting in the big blind with 49, two limpers, I check. Flop 449! Guy UTG goes all in. I thought about and decided to call! Guess what I lost to AT! Turn A River A.

2nd - UTG with 99, limp in for 400, UB4MATT raises to 1200, five others call, I call also.
Flop 589. UB4MATT all in for 8k, next guy all in for 10k, next guy all in for 8k. I obviously call. We have an overpair, a flush draw, a set of 8's and my set of 9's. They hold up and I get 40k in chips

3rd - Final Hand. SuzItal, knows I am a solid player, already said I fold to you when on the blinds and I showed AK. They raise to 7200 3xBB. I hold AQ and go all in for 42k. (Pot is 12300) Happy to take pot there and then. They are holding 50k, so its for their tournament. Calls with 77. Hits two more 7's - game over. Admits it was a crazy call and ends up going out in 5th.

I could of raised less in hindsight, but did not want to let them in. Plus they knew I am solid, so I am happy with my decision.

Monthly profit is just shy of £2k, very impressed with that as not playing for money this month. My first years profits have surpassed £20k!
I made my 2nd final table of the 15k this month and my 11th in total.

I have also booked my flights for Vegas, so whatever happens I will be there.
Well done to Mr Tony Chessa, another tournament win, this time in Barcelona. The boy is on fire.

See you soon

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