Monday, May 22, 2006

The week of Football!

The last week has been dominated by football. On Wednesday it was the Champions league final in Paris, which was a great experience, but not quite the result. Twice I have watched Arsenal in Paris, two finals against two spanish teams, both times 2-1 defeats! Still Mr Henry is staying which gives us all a lot of hope.

Yesterday it was my own cup final for the team I player manage. After 11 years of management and at the 3rd time of asking we finally won the cup and in some style! Houghton 8-0 Southoe.
So nursing a bit of a hangover today!

Right back to poker.
I returned on Thursday and played in my team competition through Badbeat. I played quite well and finished the highest of my team, but ultimately went out in 21st when an 8 hit on the river. I was pleased with the performance, but felt I should have gone on to make the final table.
Friday saw me regain my Sharkscope stats, I am now $3 in profit! Don't know whether to play any more this month, to avoid failing a monthly objective!!

Saturday was a big night. The LOQ final. 22 runners, so there was the one all important place in the World Series up for grabs. As I was playing well I was as confident as I had been in a long time. With just six players left, I took the chip lead.

The very next hand I was dealt AcKc and got some action. I was on 15k in chips and was up against the 3rd placed guy who had around 11k, The guy bet hard into an interesting looking 7hTh7c flop, I decided he did not have the goods and put him all in. I was wrong he had AhTd The turn card was beautiful the Kh. I was about to move in too a big lead with over 50% of the chips in play.
The river was a fourth heart giving him the Flush.

Two hands later I put my remaining 4k in the middle with another AK and was called by KQ. Along came a Queen and it was all over. From 1st to out in 3 hands, from being in front with 6 left. It was very dissapointing result, but I had again played well to get in that position.

This week I will continue my quest for the WSOP, starting with the qualifiers tonight.



Major Chase said...

Good luck Skip hope you make it to WSOP,would love to see you on TV and winning big time


Anonymous said...

Hi Clinton

I've been reading yr blog for about a couple of months when i saw you post the link in chat. I've really enjoyed reading it and following your progress. It struck a chord immediately because your experience of this great game is so very similiar to mine and we share pretty much the same objectives. I've played on the same tables as you in many sats/finals since. So with first hand experience and also aware of your stats, I really am impressed with your consitent and regular record of going deep in tournys. You are without doubt in the elite group of players on crypto. As I've had an interest in your progress through the blog, I really am rooting for you to get that seat at WSOP! It must come!

I watched the end stages of the LOQ at the weekend and thought your move from low stack (4000ish) to 15000ish and chip leader was superb. Your change of gear to ballsy no fear super aggressive poker worked a treat. Yessss, I thought, he is going to do it!

You say you were disappointed with your then quick demise. This must be an understatement - I would have been gutted! In fact I was shouting at the computer, once you had got to chip leader, to slow down!

Anyway, good fortune next time!