Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Time to mix it up again

I feel that my form has started to dip a little in the last few days.

I have fallen into the trap of slow playing big hands and getting stung, tonight I was down to the last 50 in the £15k and limped in with Aces and ended up losing to the small blind holding 87 and with a 965 flop he was laughing!
Most people have got it figured at that level that a limp at that stage of the game is a monster.

I had a run of bad luck in the stts tonight, which tipped my sharkscope stats back into the negative, I will obviously address that shortly, but in the 5 games I played I was ahead until the river, when I went out.

In the Multis, I have found a tournament which I like, the $5k guaranteed, My previous two attempts saw me take 1st place and then 17th place (Still in the money). Tonight I made the final table and finished in 5th place, taking home $441. I have put £100 aside for the monthly profit figures and used the rest to push for my World Series place.

Congratulations to fellow Littlewoods players Robert 'Animal' Price who secured his seat in the World Series on Sunday in the Littlewoods player points tournament. Well done sir!
Also to my Dream Team Captain Andy '007apr' Reynolds, who incredibly won his second seat in the World Series on Sunday night - although that is a bit greedy!
Whilst we are in the congratulating mode. Mr Poker himself 'Poker Tony' Chessa won a nice Omaha event in Blackpool last week, earning himself a decent £8k! You are a legend!

I have decided to go to the World Series no matter what happens, as even if I fail to qualify, last year was still a fantastic holiday and the experience from playing in other tournaments out there will certainly help me in the future.

I am going to try to play in every qualifier I can this week, as I have not played in a final for two weeks and I am definitely due one. I also have the $250,000 guaranteed on Littlewoods Bet Direct on Saturday, where any winnings will be used to fund the World Series trip.

The new design of the Littlewoods tables have been uploaded and they do look very stylish indeed. For all those put off my the colour before, we now have the most professional looking table in the poker world. Great work guys.

For those who have not seen it yet, make sure you download the Littlewoods software from the link to the right of this note.

One final comment for your views, would you have played it different? It was a reasonably earlier hand in a multi tournament. Blinds are 25/50. You are sitting in the big blind with 7d8d. 4th position raises to 150, button calls, small blind calls. You are getting 5-1 to one odds you decide to call.

The flop is 3s5d6d. Small Blind checks, you check (lots of options but would like to see a cheap next card). Intial raiser makes a continuation bet of half the pot of 300. Button folds. Small blind folds. You have 1500 left, 900 in the pot, raiser has 2500.

Whats he holding, from what you know of him, he is fairly loose tonight, but has recent success in reaching the final table of the $10k, so obviously can play a bit. After I check the flop and he makes a continuation bet, I think his most likely holding is two overcards. He doesn't want to risk me having a free card, so bets to signify strength and win the pot there an then. I don't believe he would bet out he if hit trips and the chances of him having a mid pair are slim because of my holding. He could have a bigger pair, but his bet says that he can't afford me taking a card, although the straight and flush draw is out there, so there is a small possibility he has an overpair.

I decide that he most likely has two overcards, probably AK, AQ or KQ. If that is the case, then I have plenty of outs, the 3 remaining 7's and 8's, the 9 remaining diamonds and the 3 non diamond 4's and 9's. This gives me 21 outs from the 45 remaining cards. It is 50/50, I decide to put all my chips in.

This way, if he does not call, I take the 900 in the pot, if he does I am 50/50 to double up my stack. He does call and shows AJ, I was almost right in my thoughts. The remaining cards were a 9 and an Ace. I won with the 9 high straight.

As a result of this, the losing player decided to go on a rampage and throw every insult in the book at me! I would be interested to know if anyone would have played it differently.



Robert Price said...

cheers mate.

With regards to that massive draw , all in or raise to say 900 so it looks a bit stronger than just a flush draw and commit regardless of the turn.

u r actually 52-55% favourite over pocket 10s or above. If the guy has AJ , in a slightly higher stake game he cannot call but if he does u r 65-70% favourite !!!

Add this site to your favourites its free and very useful if u r in doubt about a hand afterwards.


Robert Price said...

cheers mate

i always pump a flop with that sort of draw. u r actually 52-55% ahead of a pocket pair of 10s or higher. against AJ u r between 65% and 70%. i dont always go all in though as it looks weaker than say a 800-900 raise could be, which to a good player says u will commit the rest on the turn anyway.

Gesine9 said...

Hi ClintonO,

IMO - i would have done exactly the same. I have never folded from that situation. Esp if all you think the guy has just 2 overcards. The fact he called the reraise all-in just showed what a bad player he was (although - probably committed if he had 1.2 a hand) in the first place. Abuse is part of the game...Generally the bad players do it all the time cos they dont know what mistakes they are making - then feel cheated once they loose!

Gl with the $250k and the WSOP back to revision for me!

I'm getting my 15 minutes of fame now too - after qualifying for the Student Poker Challenge TV final to be shown later this year :)

-Chud- aka Gesine9

Clinton's No 1 Fan said...

Sensitive to the abuse?!

Right. Standard raise from him. Correct call in BB from you for the reasons given. His bet of 50% of the pot LOOKS like a standard continuation bet and, as you suggest, indicates a A-K, A-Q, A-J type of holding. However, if he had an overpair to the board (prob 10s or above with the initial pre-flop raise rather than limping with a lower pair) how would he bet that flop? 50% of pot? 100% of pot? Overbet? You just don't have enough information here and I would say a pocket pair is as likely as two overcards.

Totally disagree with your comment "his bet says that he can't afford me taking a card". He has only bet 50% of the pot - it is not an overbet!!

I really don't like your all-in here AT THIS STAGE OF THE TOURNY and bearing in mind you have not got him covered. Sure, you have got lots of outs and, assuming he is not flushing also, you are favourite to make a hand but you know when you put your chips in that you are behind. So I just don't like the risk. Later on or with a bigger stack is of course a different matter.

Having said that I don't like his call either!

Clinton's No1 Fan said...

Just seen you have won a seat to next Sat's WSOP final. Well done m8.

Tell me, how are you earning your 100 MPPs? Thought these were for cash games and didn't think you played cash.

Macaroon said...

Hi, Clinton. I can't see why he should be insulting - you were brave and did your best to put him off by going all-in. His Ace entitles him to nothing. You were on some big draws - I think I would have done the same.