Monday, May 01, 2006

We are off and running!

May has started on a positive note.
I found myself playing in the £2k guaranteed at 12pm today and finished 4th of 147 runners, taking home £250.

Further gains were made by finishing 3rd in the six pac highrollers qualifier. £150. This is the first time I have played in this tournament and was happy with the result.
The reason I played it was due to a LOQ qualifier this afternoon which was a six pac tournament, which I won. ($75 seat in the LOQ on Tuesday)
I feel my recent improvements on single table tournaments have contributed to this.

Of course I got my share of bad beats! My site would not be same without it! My Aces got called by 35 and the flop was 733 and of course there were many more.

It was nice to hear a comment from one the sites top players No3putts, who I met in the Caribbean.

'No3putts: Clinton - over the last month I have seen you suffer from more than your fair share of bad beats m8'

See its not just me who thinks I have been hard done by!

So as promised objectives for the month
1) Secure World Series seat - surely this month is the month. There is a minimum of ten finals this month. I will be hoping to reach 5 of these, in which I definitely have the ability to win one.

2) 50k. There are 4 50ks this month, of which I can play in 3. I was pleased with my cash this Sunday of £300. My objective for this month, is just to improve on that. So beating last months best finishing of 33rd.

3) 15k. My best finish last month was 11th, my aim is to make a final table in this tournament.

4) Money. I am setting no money targets this month, as it puts to much pressure on me. I play this game for enjoyment and get much better results when I am enjoying it. I have made money in each of the nine months I have kept records for since my return from Vegas. I would like to continue this run and hope and expect to do so, but I will set no figure.

5) Sharkscope stats. I am currently $450 dollars down on this after improving from $2000 down last month. My simple target is to get back into profit. My longer term aim is to be officially a shark!

6) Badbeat. I have been asked to take part in a team event organised by the website. The team I will be representing is made up of some very good players, it will certainly be a different challenge. I would very much like to be part of a winning team! So a final table appearance in this challenge is my aim

7) Littlewoods Bet Direct. I played on this site the other day and ended up winning a tournament for a seat for a $250,000 guaranteed tournament on the 13th May. My target is to make the money in this one.

8) Arsenal winning the Champions league. Okay so its not poker related, but I will be in Paris to support my team and am hoping that this will be a once in a lifetime experience.

I figure the more objectives I set, the more chances I have of meeting at least one!

All the best

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