Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another Chance!

Tonight I thought it was going to be back to the good ole days of disastrous luck.

In the £15k I ran into Aces twice.
I played the £10k for the first time this month and was going nicely. I called an all in raise of 6k with my remaining £5k with JJ, as I knew the player goes all in with mid pairs, usually regardless of blinds. True to form he had 99, but a 9 hit the flop.

In the $5k again I was going nicely, when AA appears, I am put all in, I obviously call. He has JJ, Flop is A78, nice! Turn 10, River 9, he has a straight! Unreal.

So it was down to the LOQ qualifier. I won this tournament the last time I played it on Tuesday before the Paris trip.
I played some great poker and ended up heads up with DaVinch, a player I have played against many times.

I was a big chip leader to start with 26k vs 11k. However to start with Luck was very much on his side.
All in with AQ against A4. We split the pot. The second time he needed an ace on the river to survive. An Ace came.
By time the third beat came, I thought I was not destined to win. I have AK on an A82 flop, he has 47. Turn 4, River 4! OMG this is not my night.

So I decided to play some rubbish cards and to my amazement it was all change. I went in with T3 (very short stacked) against AJ and the cards came 44466. Then the next hand I hit a 9 on the river to make a straight and finally my Jacks beat his Kings. To make it 3-3 in bad beats! 6 hands later, I had all the chips when my favourite hand 44 beat his J9.

It was a very enjoyable heads up which lasted for 84 hands and 30 mins. What a game! Thats two LOQ qualifiers I have won on the trot and for once luck evened itself over a short period of time!

Roll on Saturday, I want this World Series seat.


Anonymous said...

clinton u come across as a nice guy -good blog i enjoy reading.however i think you are misguided about tony chessa.i have played him across the world and he is not very good.how he is still maintained by littlewoods sponsorship i do not know.his ak lay down in monte carlo against ben grundy was an absoulte shocker and i asked him why he folded his comments-"i dont know what i was doing".sorry if im being a bit negative but just think you should give it some thought-anyway keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

littlewoods poker.worst poker site 4 responding to emails.worst sponsored pro-tony chessa.awful marketing-look at 2days pop up advertising the 600k from 2.5 months ago and the wsop promo wasnt advertised until 3 weeks after it started and 1 of the tornys never even appeared in he lobby 1 day.bruce martin ....well,tony cascarino awful player.the only good thing is that colclough supports them.im sure you will dismiss these comments but im afraid it is all true and fact -just give it some thought-not a nasty post - just a lighthearted eye-opener