Sunday, May 28, 2006

Super Sunday?

I have had a couple of days off this week, the less I play the better my game seems to be.

I played in the Team Event on Thursday, for the second week running I was best performer, but failed to reach my objective of a final table finish.

Tonight was all about the LOQ. 25 runners and one world series seat. Unfortunately it was not the night for me, as I ended up in 13th. SB vs BB battle I had KQ he had 77, nothing helped me.

The competition produced a great heads up between ---00--- (Littlewoods) and Leonarch. Both players I have played against many times. It came down to 66 vs AK for a seat! with 66 winning.

I thought this weekend was the one for me and played in the late World Series qualifier. I am happy to say I finished in the top six and have secured my seat in the 6pm final tomorrow. I also won a 29 runner tournament to qualify for tomorrows £50k also.

So one more attempt tomorrow, lets hope its a Super Sunday.


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