Wednesday, May 03, 2006

One More Title

My run of form continues with the successful win of another tournament.

Tonight it was the six pack highrollers qualifier which I won - 17 entrants and one seat available in Wednesdays £320 entry tournament.

This tournament has proved quite fruitful over the last two days and I look forward to tomorrows final.

I had one other cash in the $5k guaranteed finishing 17th out of 117. I defended my big blind with As7s from the small blind, but he had A9 and took me out.

I have started a reserve fund to help me fund a trip to Vegas should I fail to qualify, so a percentage of my winnings will go to this cause.

In other events the £15k saw an early exit when I flopped a set of dueces, only to end up in an all in situation with a guy holding 44, he hit another 4 on the turn.

Two final tables in the LOQ qualifiers were not good enough for a LOQ final seat.
I also played one Stt - a £10 six seater, which I also won.

A good night, a very small profit (allocated to WSOP fund) and a £320 seat in tomorrows final.

Tomorrow promises to be a big night - lets hope so.

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The Merchant of Menace said...

Interesting site - I'll be back to observe your progress. All the best with your objectives.