Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hard Luck Stories

Something did not feel right tonight and the results showed that.

However on the night I put £100 into the monthly profit figure after taking home $560 for finishing 5th in the World Series and paying for some more tournaments, so still positive results.

The World Series 5th whilst making money was dissapointing as the top 4 got places in Sundays final.

Other tournaments included the high roller tournament, where I finished 12th, in a event I will play more £9k available and just 30 odd players. I went out when a Jack hit the river and gave my opponent a straight, when I had him beat all hands up!

The Littlewoods player points saw me on another final table (went out 6th), but I ran into the chip leaders bigger hand, when in 3rd place and going well.

The 15k was a dissapointment, going out midway through when all in with Jacks against Eights and he hit an eight on the flop.

I am pleased to walk away tonight with a profit, especially with some hard to take losses, which also included flopping a straight and losing to a higher straight on the river. It is amazing how your mood and confidence effects your game, I felt tired when I started out this evening and as result my early play was unsuccessful. If you can avoid it, don't play when tired, you will not get the results your play deserves.

If anyone is interested in playing poker, then I have to recommend Littlewoods as a great place to play. Please follow the link on the right hand side to join in the action and hopefully I will see you on the tables.


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ClintonO said...

Link to Littlewoods Poker is up and running again.