Monday, May 29, 2006

Never Going to Happen

There comes a point when you realise that something you want is never going to happen!

I have been trying for this World Series seat for a couple of months now and whilst I keep getting close, I have always maintained that I will eventually make it. However something happened to me in the final on Sunday, that makes me wonder is this not meant to be!

I am sitting in the top four in the event, I hold 44. My favourite hand! The flop comes down 433. Christmas. Incredibly I get someone to put all their chips in at this point. Not surprising though when they are holding 33!
With most of my chips gone, I move in with AJ preflop and lose to KQ, I then put my remainder in with KQ and lose to A8.

I have had too many bad beats in these qualifiers to make me realise, it is not supposed to happen!

I however will got give up and will be going to Las Vegas anyway as last year was the best holiday I have ever had. I will play in some of the smaller competitions to increase my experience. I still have to remember I have been playing this game for less than a year.

I am not going to give up though, as the true competitive nature I have inside me, will not let me. There is still plenty of time to make it and I will not give up whilst there is a glimmer of hope.

I played in the $25 wsop qualifier last night and won that to proceed to the $140 event on Wednesday. I also played in the 448 runner £10k event and finished 16th (£112) I had 46k in chips and AcKc, but lost to QQ, taking out most of my stack.

My main hope for Vegas has to be through the Littlewoods Player Points competition. There are five more qualifiers this week for the final. Winning one of those is my target this week.

I will publish my views of the month later this week. In the meantime.
Good Luck at the tables

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