Monday, May 01, 2006

April Review

Before I post on the month of April, tonights performances were again pleasing.

In the £50k, I finished in 33rd place (£300). It could have been better, I was up against the chip leader in my last hand 44 vs J6, he hit a Jack on the River (Could anything of else happened!)

In the LOQ $1 tournament, there was 193 players. I had my record stack after an hour up to 28,000. At one point with six left I was chip leader with 100,000. I end up all in with the guy in 2nd place AK vs AQ, here they come JT47, wait for it, yes its a King. Giving him the straight. These rivers!

I played one other tournament on Bet Direct, Littlewoods sister site. It was a qualifier for a $250,000 tournament. One seat available, I managed to win it and have secured my seat on Sunday 13th May.

So reflections on April.
Positive's - I have won more tournaments this month than the rest of my short career put together, winning the $5k guaranteed was the pinnacle.
I have played my best poker to date and am pleased that my game has definitely improved.
I have learnt to play different styles of poker and switch in and out as the situation demands.

Negative's - I have failed on my objectives, but will have a review of them now.
1) A World Series seat - I have made 5 finals this month, with 4th being my best finish. This is still the priority for next month.
2) A top 20 in the £50k, my best effort was 33rd, which is my best effort this year, so good progress made, but just short of target
3) 2 final tables of the £15k, unfortunately I fell short on this one, 11th was my best effort. Overall this tournament was the most dissapointing this month
4) Cash Profit - Due to the World Series games, I knew I would have a lower target, but still I managed my ninth successive profitable month, adding £500 to the kitty.
5) Sharkscope Stats - My single table stats have taken a significant turnaround, however have fallen just short of my aim. I am a little over $400 behind schedule. However a number of 10 seaters (£50) where I placed did not get recorded, so I would have hit my target! But the aim was to beat the stats, so I ended up a little short.

Its hard not to be dissapointed when I failed on all my objectives, but I know if I play like this again for another month, there is no way, I will fail on these.

I will set some revised targets tomorrow.

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