Saturday, April 29, 2006

My 3rd Major!

Its not the tournament I planned on, but a win is a win!

I had made some good progress on Sharkscope today, only to discover that the two £50 10 stts, where I made the money, have not been counted! So still a little more work to go!

With my typical luck - AQ losing to AJ in the LOQ. Going out with QdJd on a Kd, Td,4s flop to Aces!

I decided to have a go at the $5k guaranteed. There were 133 runners and the prize pool of $6,650.
It was a quick moving tournaments with only 10 mins levels. After the first hour I had moved to 7k in chips and there were only 44 players left.

After 2 hours and 20 mins we were down to just 2. 50_pence was the competition, who had a small lead of 8k in chips.
After 20 mins of heads up the crucial hand! At this point I had a lead of 111k to 87k in chips. Blinds 1500/3000 (ante 400) I call to the big blind, he raises to 9k and I reraise with AdJs to 27k. The flop comes down Jc5d9s. A check from 50_pence, so I bet 27k which is again called. The turn is a 2c, to which he puts his remaining 33k in the middle. If he has an overpair, I am beat at this point, but I can't believe the 2 helped him, so I am calling. He turns over Ac5c. He needs a five or a club. The river is an Ace. It's all over!

I win my first major tournament win since January, I happily take the $2k first prize (£1.1k)

I am pleased with this as I have been playing well for quite some time, without the financial rewards, hopefully this will now give me the impetus to get my World Series seat sorted!

Best of Luck


dumbsmuck said...

Congrats mate, well deserved and long overdue

Robert Price said...

nice one Clinton, lazy old me has now actually bothered to start my own blog if you're bored and want something else to read.