Sunday, April 23, 2006

Those ladies are haunting me again!

This week has been a hell of a week!
I have had two second places in LOQ Qualifiers and a 3rd in a Littlewoods qualifier.

It was looking like a Weekend without a final, but at 2.30pm today I won the $140 World Series Qualifier, putting me in this afternoons final.
At one point even Vegas (Mr Crypto) came on and said well played, so that was a first for me!

The final was just horrible. With 16 people left I pick up QQ under the gun.
When the flop comes down 9s 5c Qd, I thought this was going to a fantastic double up. I am playing against As, Ks. Can you predict what happens?! 7s and then 3s. How cruel!

I do feel like my game is continuing to improve. I finished 6th in a £1.5k guaranteed taking home £100+ last night, also my Stt form is getting much better and I have made marked improvement in my stats over the last few days.
I am almost in danger of meeting one of my objectives!

Two more finals available this forthcoming weekend, I will be doing everything I can to secure a seat.


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Gesine9 said...

Hey ClintonO - im really sorry about that runner runner beat by the way.

(the person who knocked you out)