Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Small Progress Made

Not the most successful of nights, but progress has been made on point five of my monthly objectives.

The Littlewoods player points route for the World Series was another dissapointment last night. For the seventh consecutive time I made the final table, but my preflop raise of 4 times the blind with 99 did not scare off an A2 off suit call. Needless to say the flop of 345, did not help me! I went out in 9th

During the £15k I played a patient game, moving up to 5k in chips with 101 players left. When my AK suited met with an AT3 board, I thought I would move further up the leader board, but as the guy had TT, I soon realised that it was not to be!

The new objective of sorting out my STT record, took a step in the positive direction though. I played four games last night, winning one and coming 2nd in three. It was dissapointing that I could not win more, but making money in each was my target. According to my form is now officially HOT!

Tonights games include the Littlewoods Player Points, £15k and World Series Stage 2 Qualifier ($140). Depending on performance I will try to get in a few STT's to help achieve Target 5.

These are important games, as a good performance tonight, will put me in two of the finals for the remaining 7 opportunities for a world series seat this month.


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