Sunday, April 02, 2006

This game can be so cruel

It at times like these you wonder why you play this game.

After the bad luck from last night, the $600k tournament was very cruel.

I hit top set on the flop and one player goes all in and hits runner runner to hit a flush. Shortly after with a pair of Kings, I go all in on a Jack high flop, I get called with AJ. The remaining cards are two spades giving them a Ace high flush with 4 spades on the board.

The £50k was going very well, with only 65 players remaining from the 404 that started. I have A7 suited in the small blind. The button raises me, which he has done for the last three blinds. I defend my blind all in and he turns over Aces. Two nights on the trot, I run into aces near the end of a tournament.

After this latest run of luck, I am going to have a little break!
See you in a few days

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