Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back to the Drawing Board!

After 2 finals this weekend, it is back to the qualification stages again!
The 4th place finish on Saturday night was really dissapointing after coming so close.

The final on Sunday did not go according to plan. I ran into Kings with my Queens quite early on.
Despite recovering my intitial stack, I got reraised when holding Jacks and threw them away and then lost with AQ to KJ on a four heart board to a flush.

The qualification process began again last night and it was the Littlewoods Competition on the agenda. For the tenth consectutive time, I made the final table, but this time I went out in 7th.
Raising 4 times the big blind with AT suited, I was called by the chip leader. On a AK3 flop, I felt confident, he did not have an ace with a higher kicker. I was right, but his set of 3s was a problem!

I had a little slip in my STT quest, but that is what you get for playing with a hangover. However I have recovered well over the last two days and am now back to being officially in 'HOT' form.

I have signed up for the Sharkscope premium service, as I have found the information on there to be a useful guide. It does surprise me how seeing the stats in advance can enable you to predict the finishing order of the tournament. Definitely useful.

A quick note on my pal Poker Tony Chessa, he had another excellent performance in the Paddy Power Irish Open this weekend, finishing in 16th place, a future champion in the making for sure.

Whilst reflecting on the month so far and looking back at the stats, I cannot help but feel disappointed, in that none of my objectives are looking likely to be met. Yet when I look back at the results, I have actually won 4 MTT's in 17 days, but as they have no cash value other than a seat, I am probably being overly critical. In reality this is an excellent performance and I have learnt many lessons and that should reap many more rewards going forwards.

There are 3 more World Series finals available this weekend and I will play in every possible qualifier to get there. After making two finals last weekend, I do not see why I can't make at least one of them.

I am concerned about my regular tournament form, I am without a cash in the last five now. I am considering taking a break from these until my world series seat is secured.
Although over the weekend, whilst sitting nicely in fourth place, I turn over J7 in the big blind. With a flop of 7J7, I did not expect to go out on that hand! Going out to pocket Jacks in an unraised pot. Not sure how I get away from that one!

I have a few tournaments tonight. The £15k, World Series Level 1, LOQ Level 2 and the Littlewoods points competition. I obviously will not have a chance to play much else, but I do want to play a couple of Stt's to keep my progress on the upwards curve.

I remain buoyant about my game and approach the rest of the month with confidence.

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