Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool?

A mixed start to the month of April.

The positive start is a £350 profit on day 1 thanks to money finishes in the World Series qualifier and another money finish in the 15k.

Unfortunately my quest for a World Series seat is not yet complete. Having made it to the last nine players in the final and sitting in 2nd position, I am dealt a pair of Kings on the button. There is one initial raiser so I re-raise him, he goes all in. Can I throw away a pair of Kings, there is one place up for grabs and I have to win the tournament to get it. I call and he has those dreaded Aces. Unfortunately the Aces hold up and lose the majority of my stack. I go all in on my first decent hand KQ suited and run into AQ.

Its hard to be disappointed after a profitable day, but I was winning the 15k with 40 left. AK in the small blind, ran into JJ in the big blind and he hit four spades to a flush, taking out most of my stack. I was also 2nd in the LOQ and had I not run into Aces, I could have my plane tickets booked my now.

Still I have played well again, tomorrow I have the $600k final and the £50k tournament. I am having a few days rest next week, so I am hoping to continue my form into tomorrow.
I might have one last go at getting in the world series qualifier, but I have not decided yet.

Good Luck All

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