Friday, April 28, 2006

Am I supposed to play this game?!

3 tournaments tonight - 3rd in the Littlewoods player points, 26th in the 15k (£75 and 2nd successive cash) and 2nd in the LOQ.

On the face of it some great play, but how how harsh were the results.

The Littlewoods tournament, I am winning, I am holding KK, Guy goes all in with A2 on a 7 high flop. Turn 2, River 2.

The £15k got nasty near the end. My AJ losing to K7, then 88 losing to A5, before my AT all in bet was called by AJ.

The LOQ was horrible! Some good play to get me in a great position. I am slightly behind heads up. I have AQ and get the other guy all in preflop. He has AJ. Flop 4QT, Turn 7, River K. He hits the straight.

All that play for so little to show for it!
My game continues to improve, I am really starting to step my game up.
Hopefully I can get some nice results over the last few days of April and qualify for a final at the weekend.

Good Luck

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Major Chase said...

Unlucky mate this happens in poker and especially in all in situations....dont despair as you will lose some you will also win some.

Best of luck in future tournies