Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Those Ladies are taking the mick!

The night did not appear to be looking good.
In the $140 WSOP qualifier, my Aces were busted by AsJs and I was down to 350 chips in the 15k.

Then however I hit a seven on the river to keep me in and there was no looking back.
After almost 4 hours we were down to 12 players. I have 55000 chips and am in 4th. I turned over QQ.

With blinds up at 1200/2400. I raise to 9600, the big blind who had just doubled up with T9, decides to go all in for 42000. I decide that the chances of him being in front are slim and call. He turns over 99. This pot will put me in the lead.

The first four cards are blank, here comes the river - of course its a 9! Gutted as usual!

We lose one more player, so there is 11 left and I am down to 8500. I have Q7 in the blinds and button puts me all in, I have to call with the pot odds available. He turns over J5. This would move me up to 20k with the antes and other blind. I can't believe I am in front, that soon fades though, as a Jack appears on the river!

£150 and 11th place, but no final table as I said I would achieve in my objectives. Another good game, but those Ladies really don't like me!

Next Time then!

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