Monday, April 24, 2006

Where do they find them!

Picture the scene.
Its the last 65 of the 15k. I have a little over 4k in chips and would like a hand to help me out.

Big Slick arrives, that should do it. Blinds 150/300 with 25 ante. Under the gun HAN50M raises to 600. I decide to push and go all in.

HAN50M has about 7k in chips and decides to call. He turns over 7d6d. What the! Still I am rubbing my hands at that.
The flop come 579, oh my god. Thankfully the turn is an ace, to sort me out. Then the river, yes its another 7. What can you do!

I can understand the raise, Dan Harrington raises with suited connectors under the gun, as a way of taking advantage of his tight game. However 76 has got to be the absolute minimum and would he call a tight players all in raise, in a word. NO!

As I was writing HAN50M was sitting in 10th with 20k in chips, with just 25 left. I find it no surprise that he is now out!

Aside from that disaster I played in three other tournaments. I went out in the LOQ 1 in 50, when someone called my allin with openended straight draw, he obviously hit it!

The other tournaments were the $25 WSOP qualifier, where I reached the final 9 to qualify for Wednesdays $140 WSOP qualifier and the £50k qualifier where I finished in the final 3 to qualify for the £110 event on Sunday.
So £210 in seats won, so not a bad night, but honestly 76!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Clinton

There's a bloggers freeroll at Virgin Poker on the 11th May for a seat at the WSOP - email for details. See you there!