Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another Day of what might have been!

Tonight was a frustrating night as site problems prevented me from playing for almost an hour, jeopardising most of my tournaments.

The £15k was the worst affected as I lost half my 4500 stack.
In the LOQ qualifier I managed to recovered from starting with 1300 instead of 2000, but ultimately finished 4th, two made the final.

The Littlewoods tournament was almost a sublime comeback, down to 350 chips, I made the final table for the 11th consecutive time, but my JJ was busted by 26, yes 26, so I finished 6th.

The last tournament of the night was the LOQ 1 in 50. I managed to take this one to the wire, but ended losing heads up against 007apr, I was 3-1 down in chips so had to make a move where I could and came up against pocket tens when trying a maneouvre.

Still onwards and upwards.
Another note on Poker Tony, there I am saying he is going to win a tournament and he takes down the 150 Euro rebuy at the Irish Open, nice one sir! Now about my percentage!!!

Also as from today you can read an article about me on the Littlewoods Website.

I will have to get another photo taken!
Once again a big thank you to those guys at Littlewoods who are really supporting me, I will repaying them by having a big finish at the World Series - WHEN I FINALLY GET THERE!!!!!


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