Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Latest Update

After a few days break from the world of poker its back to business again.

On the PR front, I made the front page of the St.Ives Weekly News! I will get this scanned in and available for everyone to see.

As for the Poker, it is been a quiet return.
I qualified for the $1k World Series final on Sunday, but unfortunately went out in 11th place, reraising an agressive button with AQ, but he had Kings and I was beaten. The tournament though was abandoned with 7 people left due to software failure, so I would not been able to win my seat, but I would have had a equal share of the $30k prize money.

At least I am continuing to give myself the opportunity at least once a weekend.

A quick review of my monthly targets
1) Qualify for World Series seat, I have had two finals so far this month and finished 7th and 11th, so I am not too far away. I have a maximum of 7 further opportunities during the month. I would obviously like to make them all, but if I can make 3 of them, I am confident I can secure my seat in one of them.

2) Achieve a top 20 in the £50k. This months record reads 65th, Abandonded. With 3 more to play this remains a realistic but stretching target.

3) Achieve two final tables in the £15k, so far from 5 efforts, I have finished in the last 50 in four of them, my best finish has been 22nd twice! Again this remains a realistic target.

4) £3k profit, this month has failed to add any money to the bankroll so far, but as I have stressed this month is more about securing my seat, rather than winning money. In reality, my target was too ambitious and I am lowering my aims to £1.5k, as I will mainly be playing world series games.

5) I am however adding a further target. There is a website that provides results of everyones single seater tournament results. www.sharkscope.com. This is a very useful site, but it does highlight some very significant findings. My profits to date have enitirely come from Multi Table Tournaments and so I am in a negative position on Single Table Tournaments. As a result of this I would like to turn this around by the end of the month.

There is a lot left to achieve for the remainder of April and the quest for glory starts tonight.

Very Focused!

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