Friday, March 31, 2006

Monthly Report

Its the end of March and its time to reflect on the month.

This month has been quite surreal, becoming a local celebrity has been fantastic! Once again big thanks to Littlewoods and I hope they got a lot out of it also.

On the playing front, I have played a lot better than my results have suggested. Too many times, the odds of gone against me.
However the records show+£1.7k for the month (6th best from 8) and an 8 month total of +£18k.

I expected this month to be lower than normal, as my main aim is qualification for the world series, so my concentration has been there.

April has the potential to start well, with the LOQ final tomorrow and the $600k on Sunday.
But it is time to stand up and be counted. The pressure to get my world series seat is considerable, especially with all the PR and expectations of my family, the wonderful Littlewoods and especially from myself.

I have been experimenting with many styles of play over the last month, so I can adapt to whatever situation I find myself in and as a result I do feel more comfortable in different situations.

My aims for April -
1) Secure World Series seat - It is important to be playing in at least one final each weekend where I can play. So that means either the LOQ on Saturday, or World Series on Sunday.
2) Top Twenty finish in the £50k - I am finding my Sunday performances quite disappointing, I believe that after I have given my all playing football on Sunday morning, I am not at my best on Sundays. I have two weeks without a game this month, so I will see whether results improve
3) Two Final Table finishes in the £15k - I have not been in the top 5 in this tournament since early Feb, and I would like to improve my performance here.
4) Post a top two month profit record - +£3k is the target.

This is an important month, but I don't care whether I hit targets 2,3 and 4, as long as I hit number one.

Take Care

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