Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bubble Boy Part 2

The curse of the Bubble continued last night in the all important World Series Level 2 qualifier.
With the top 7 winning themselves a seat in Sundays $1000 final, I found myself finishing in 8th place. The $592 prize for 8th was a small consolation, as I felt like I almost had one foot on the plane!

With 32 players remaining I found myself in last position and played one of my best ever short stacked games. By time it got to the last eight, the blinds were up to 1200/2400 with chip counts ranging from 10 - 32k.

I entered a pot with JT and had a great flop of T98, giving myself a top pair and an opened ended straight draw.

All in up against AQ, I thought that I had secured my seat in the final, as only an ace on the last two cards would see my departure, unfortunately the turn brought the Ace and I was out.

My consolation is that if I can maintain my current form, then some more big prizes cannot be too far away.

Media Update, a few more articles on me are appearing in regional press, here is one from the Hunts Post.

Take Care

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