Friday, March 03, 2006

Consistency Returns - But so does the curse of the ladies!

March has started on a positive note, with two more money finishes in the 10k, to make it 3 consecutive nights on the trot.

The 10k was a tournament I had been avoiding, due to the late finish, but providing I have a built up a stack of chips fairly early, I am happy to give it a go.
Two days in and I have almost equalled the profit from last month, so March is looking promising.

I am having a night off tonight as a run of 3 late sessions has left me feeling a little jaded and I will return for the 15k on Saturday. I will not playing in the LOQ final this week as I have not been able to play in the qualifiers and I am not paying £430 for the final, so my World Series dream will have to wait for a couple of weeks. I am hoping that my good friends at Littlewoods will start running qualifiers for the World Series as soon as the Monte Carlo qualifiers are over, so that I can stop worrying about securing my place.

Now the curse of the ladies! Most people who know me know that when I am dealt a pair of queens, it spells trouble, but my latest curse is slightly different. During the last few days I have been listening to music after the first two hours (to keep me awake mainly!). The previous two nights had seen me go out of the tournament on the same song - Sugababes - Red Dress!

Last night I was sitting happily on 30k with just over 20 players left when it came on. Before the end of the song I was out!

I am dealt AQ diamonds in mid position and the very short stack goes all in for his last 1k, the next short stack throws all his chips in 7k. I decide that the short stack is going in on any hand with blinds at 600/1200 and the next guy has probably got a decent showing, but not that good as he would have probably encouraged some action. So I join them and throw my chips in. I am up against K9 and A10, a good read and provided it holds up about 10k more chips for me.
The Flop has mixed blessings a Ten, but two diamonds. However an ace and a six with no diamonds dont help me.

A few hands later I pick up KQ in the big blind. I am raised by the new chip leader (Just got very lucky calling an all in bet with JJ to AQ on a QQ3 flop - hit a Jack on river!) to 3600, I am not too worried about this, although he will probably call a reraise so I decide to call. The flop comes down Q62. I bet out 5k which he calls. From his previous play I know I am in front as he did not reraise, I suspect he is on a ace, mid high kicker or low/mid pair. The turn comes a another 6 and decide to take down the pot there, by putting in my remaining 9k. He calls with A6. Harsh but thats the way it goes. I could have put a smaller bet in on the turn but I would have been pot comitted, so was as well to go all in. So ultimately I am comfortable with my bet and I never put him on A6.

Dissapointed I look up and those ladies start to fade out their song about the red dress, damn those ladies! If I see a lady in a red dress in the near future, warning signs will be going off! Next time they come on, I am changing the channel!

Be Lucky

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