Friday, March 24, 2006

A Spell on me?

I continue to play well, but I currently feel I am cursed!

Tonight in the 10k. We are down to 33 people and I am dealt 88. I have 10k in chips, I raise to 2.4k. I get one caller.
Flop is 242, I bet 2.4k again and get raised all in. I call. The guy turns over 77. The turn is a 3. I am about take down a 22k pot and move into the top 6.

He only has two outs, the remaining sevens, That is a 2 in 44 chance. I am 95%+ certain to win. Only five times in a hundred should I lose. This is one of them. Again! By my maths, I therefore must win the next 92 to balance out the odds!

33rd - Just £35 into the bankroll.

My day must be close by!


Anonymous said...

ul clinton

I read this earlier amd meant to tell u that he had 2 outs and not one cos of the boat. But you have spotted it..

dumbsuck said...

Hey mate, I am here in SF right now, enjoying my time off. Just came back from a successful trip in Vegas where I placed 2nd in a Ceasers tournament, good for $2,200. Great fun and a profitable few days!

Talk soon, Dumbsumck