Sunday, March 26, 2006

No seat yet!

The $1000 World Series qualifier, did not quite have the desired result this evening.

40 players, with 2 seats available, was a tough ask with the quality of players playing.

The first hour was fairly uneventful and I ended up pretty much where I started with 2500 chips, the second hour was better, moving me on to 5000 chips. At this point there was 20 people left and I was sitting in about 10th.

The third hour was where it all went wrong. I was sitting with 77 in the Big Blind. The small blind went all in and it was 700 more to call. He turned over 87 suited and hit an 8 on the flop.

Two hands later on the button I had 10,10 and raised 3 times the blind, the small blind went all in for another 1800, I decided to call, he turned over A8, but an Ace was the first card out.

I fought my way back into it and with 14 remaining, I made a move on the button with QJ suited and unfortunately the chip leader had KQ and that was the tournament over.

It is dissapointing to not have anything to show for a couple of great days play, but if I can keep this level of play up, then I hope to be having another go next week. With the $600k tournament also next weekend, there is lots to be playing for.


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