Friday, March 10, 2006

Fame at Last!

There is something very satisfying about reading an article on yourself!
In the post today was a centre page feature on me in the Littlewoods Poker Full House magazine.

Thats one step closer to me making the big time!!

A big thank you again to Littlewoods who have been nothing short of amazing in my poker journey to date and have also appointed me a PR company to look after me!

It was also nice playing tonight, as a number of people had actually read about me.

As for the tournaments it was back to the 15k and after one night out of the money, it was nice to get right back amongst it. Again though it went wrong near the end and after losing a big pot with QQ to A6, the very next hand saw my AK suited fall to 22. So it was 18th and another £150 for the bankroll. It was so nearly more, but my AK (again) came up against KK in the $600k qualifier, just 4 short of the money. March bankroll moves up to +£1.25k.

I am hoping to kick my game up a level shortly and get a few more final table appearances.

Just a note on my good pal Tony Chessa, he has been playing magnificently in the Monte Carlo Millions this week and missed out on the money by a couple of places when his Aces lost to Jacks. This guy is a superstar and it is only a matter of time before he takes down a big tournament.

Although I do have to point out that the feature on me came before his feature in the magazine and I am by far the best looking in the magazine!!!!

Its a night off tommorrow, but I will be back for the £40k on Sunday.

Take Care

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dumbsmuck said...

You are in big trouble.... I was driving along opening my mail, and I nearly crashed when I saw you staring at me out of that magazine! I suggest your lovely wife takes a make up course to make you look better for the cameras in future......