Thursday, March 30, 2006

25 Not Out

Tonight I cashed in the 15k for the 25th time since I started keeping records. Disappointingly I only finished 24th and took home £75, but the manner in which I played was pleasing.

I suffered a big knock back when my Jacks were called by Ace 8 and lost to an ace on the river.

I didn't get many cards tonight, so it was a matter of being creative when I needed to be.
I am still pleased with my game and feel I have been playing well for most of the month. I feel though I do need a nice win to reward me for my play so far.

I went out when my pocket eights ran into jacks and didn't get any help.

Littlewoods have kindly moved the Player points free rolls to 7.30pm, so that gives me another avenue to qualify for the world series, I will play in that one tomorrow.

Still hoping for a big weekend

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