Wednesday, March 01, 2006

But I had AK!

There is something about the last day of the month, that focuses my mind.

It is the day I post my results for the month. February +£0k. Hmmm, my first non profit making month. It had not been a bad month, but due to other commitments, I am finding myself paying full price for tournaments rather than qualifying for them. So my winnings may be going up, but my costs are also. With one night left the quest to show a profit was on.

The £15k was not going to be the solution, as that ended early, the $600k qualifier was looking very promising, but when someone hit their gutshot straight draw on the river that was the end of that solution.

So it was the £10k that was my last chance, I do not usually play in this event as it finishes at 2am and getting up at 6.30am, leaves me a little drained for the day!

I had managed to lose half my stack in the first 6 hands and I was resigned to a non profit February.
However just as I was about to lose interest I flopped a full house and doubled up. It was time to start playing.

I slowly worked my way up the leaderboard and really started playing well. After we were down to 170 players, I was moved to table 1 (always a good omen!), where I was to stay and therefore get a feel for everyone around the stable.
When we had 20 players left, I was in 3rd place, on top of my game and only forseeing one outcome - victory.
At 1.30am there was six players left and I was a narrow chip leader. Guaranteed £500 at this point (therefore sorting February out) I was only focused on the £2.5k first prize.
Then came the crucial hand. JJ in the big blind. I have 130k Blinds were 1.5k and 3k. Seat 3 'bradpit'(105k) puts in a raise of 12k, which I decide to reraise to 36k. Brad calls.

A great flop 7 high, with 2 clubs. I checked the flop, hoping for a bet and brad obliged with a 12k bet. This was too small a bet for him to have a bigger pair than me, also he would have gone all in already. I immediately put him on two overcards and move all in.

To my great surprise he called my bet with Ace spades and King Clubs! Fantastic. This would put be so far clear, I should go on and win the tournament. Turn is a 9, excellent - oh hang on its another club. Surely we can't have four. The river is a fourth club! - I have just lost a monster pot.

I type unbelievable into the forum and get a sarcastic comment back again. I asked him how he called a bet that would put him out of the tournament when he had absolutely nothing. His reply ' but I had AK'.

Ultimately I went out 6th place when my 99's crashed out to AJ. February at least ended up +£0.5k, even though it could have been so much more. I take comfort in the fact that without these type of players my success in this game would not be so great, also the fact that I am back on a final table again.

But those immortal words will stay with me for a little while. 'But I had AK!.
Take Care

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