Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bubble Boy

Tonight was a case of what might have been!
Again playing some excellent poker, I managed to qualify for the next stage of the World Series qualifiers, taking place on Wednesday night.

However, it was almost a great night, but I managed to bubble in both the LOQ and the $600k, which would have been worth another £600. The nut flush losing to Full House on the river and Kings to Jacks.

My game is really good at the moment, I am very confident that this will turn into some nice prizes soon. My total for March has slipped to +£1.1k after entering a number of tournaments over the last 7 days, but this should be easily improved upon over the next week.

My photo shoot for the Cambridge Evening News was completed tonight, so I should hopefully appear in there tomorrow.

I also pleased to say that one of the guys I am teaching to play came 4th in the 15k tonight, taking home £1,125! Nice one Fenners!

Wednesday 9.30pm World Series Level 2 qualifier $150 entry is the agenda tomorrow night, as I search for a place in the final qualifier on Sunday.

Its coming together

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