Monday, March 27, 2006

How do you know when its not your night?

15k - The first decent hand you have is KK and you run into Aces.
WS qualifier - You pick up KK, get two people all in on a 968 flop and you are up against JJ and A8 and the river is a J.
50k qualifier - You get QQ, hit a third Queen on the flop, and get put all in by AK, who hits a Jack and Ten to give him a straight.

Same time tomorrow then!

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Anonymous said...

Thought I'd try posting here instead of e-mail, Clinton. Saw you go out in the 15K at 42nd last night (Wed) with AK. Didn't get that tiny slice of luck when you needed it. Hard luck!. I came 29th out of 435 in the £2 tourney, going out with QQ to a King, paired on the flop.