Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Down to Business

The world series qualifying has just begun this week and now becomes my number one target in poker.
The last few days have been disappointing from a results point of view, but my game is still sound. Last nights elimination in the 15k summed it up. With just 50 players left I was holding JJ. Flop was J83 rainbow and I go out to a backdoor flush.

I am still confident that I am playing well enough to secure a world series sear and as soon as my hands start holding up, I can see some very positive results coming my way.

On the publicity front, I am currently awaiting a photographer from the Cambridge Evening News to take a few pictures of me, the feature should be in tomorrows edition. I imagine this will be last of the recent media frenzy and I can concentrate on winning some more tournaments!

See you on the tables

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