Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Can no-one throw away AK!

Thought I would have another go at the 10k tonight and am happy to say that I made the money for the fourth consecutive time, although only finishing in 29th place. Still it all adds to the bankroll, even if it is just £70.
March is still going okay and we are +£0.65k after day 6.

Tonights lesson, people cannot throw away AK.

Down to 9k, I am one off the button and raise to 3.2k with nothing 35off suit. The button (10k) flat calls me. Flop comes 275. I move all in and after a few moments he calls me for his remaining chips, he turns over AK. Got him! 20k pot with the blinds, but no the turn is a King and on come the sugababes!

Until next time

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