Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Now the cowboys are joining in!

The run of finishing in the money has ended, but I still feel I am playing well enough to take down a big tournament soon.

Tonight with just 50 left in the 15k, I pick up my first real hand of the evening KK. I put in a small raise and am re-raised all in. I call and I am up against 66. Its all looking good until the turn brings a 6.

The 10k was a similiar picture, but it was predictably those ladies that saw my exit! This time I ran into a monster 88! At least they sealed my fate on the flop this time!

March continues positively as a couple of good peformances in some single table tournaments moves me along to +£1.2k.

Let me be Lucky!

1 comment:

dumbsmuck said...

Even money on you winning the 15k again before the end of March. Lets hope that will set you up for a final table finish in the 600k....