Saturday, March 18, 2006

Getting the Bad Beats out of the way!

I am continuing to play some good poker, but am getting undone by some bad luck.
I am hoping that by Sunday, all the bad beats will be out of the system!

Tonights 15k, saw me lose with JJ to 88 on a 443 flop, when going very nicely having doubled up early.
Last night, again going well, I was put all in with KK on a K87 flop. The guy turned over 88 and hit the final 8 on the turn!
To cap it off in a LOQ qualifier very late on, I rose pre flop with AA and then post flop, I was reraised all in on a 826 flop. The guy turns over 10,4. The following cards were 75! Not my night!

Its a big night tomorrow, so I will happily save my luck for then.

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