Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The next big win is around the corner

Another successful night in the world of poker and two more money finishes.
In the 15k I had to settle for 15th and £150 despite one of the best starts I have ever made in this tournament.

A few costly AK's knocked the stuffing out of me late on, followed by my Jacks losing to AQ on the river.

By time I was down to my last 14k, I got A9 suited and moved in (blinds 1200/2400), unfortunately I ran into AQ and had to settle for 15th.

The other tournament was the $600k qualifier. Having already qualified for the final in April, I was playing for the $530 cash prize.

I flew into a big lead early on, moving from 1500 to 10000 in the first hour, before almost losing the lot running into aces. Down to 765, it was not looking good! However some nice play got me back in the running and by time the final ten were announced I was chip leader with 25k, giving me £300 more for the bankroll.

£450 more for March, moves the monthly total to £1.1k and more importantly I am playing well and feel it is just a short time before the next big win arrives.

Be Lucky

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